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Discover Robert Stanek's Bugville! Teacher and Parent recommended. The first Bugville Critters stories were published in 2007 to instant acclaim. The creator of Bugville and author of the stories is Robert Stanek, the award-winning author of 150 books for young people and adults, including Journey Beyond the Beyond and The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches.Robert Stanek wrote the Bugville Critters books as bedtime stories for his children. The stories address real issues and challenges all children face as they start school, make friends, and learn about the world around them. The stories provide lessons about life, friendship, family, our world, the natural world of which we are all a part, and our environment.
Discover Robert Stanek! Ruin Mist Chronicles is a completed series of four books for adults with 26 Weeks Amazon SF&F Top 50. Keeper Martin's Tales is a completed series of eight books for kids and teens with 180 Consecutive weeks Audible Kids & YA Top 10.Discover J K King! WIZARDS OF SKYHALL is a fantasy trilogy full of humor, action and adventure. King's debut novel was published in June 2006 and earned several local school and library awards. With his second novel's early 2008 publication, King at 15, joined the ranks of a rare cadre of successful teen authors with multiple books in print.  King’s third book will be published in 2014. Print wizard and warlock trading cards at www.wizardsofskyhall.com
THERE’S NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO DISCOVER REAGENT PRESS! Psst... Have you read about RP Books Washington / Reagent Press lately? We’ve been recommended by and featured in Publisher’s Weekly, The New York Times, The Journal of Electronic Defense, VOYA, Florida Today, Children’s Writer, Writer’s Digest, Children’s Bookshelf and more.Reagent Press has 500 print, ebook and audio titles. Rights to Reagent Press books have been sold in many countries, and top-selling Reagent Press books are routinely translated into other languages. We publish children's fiction, teen fiction, adult fiction and nonfiction. Our authors include Robert Stanek, J R King, Jay Giles, Tom Schwartz, and Jonathan Hickman.


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